Vladimir Harkonnen [Kiel // Thrash flavoured Hardcore]



Their last record “Into Dreadnought Fever” was released about two years ago. Now the next release by Vladimir Harkonnen is due. It’s a four track EP on 12″ vinyl and has got the title “Ticking Bomb Scenario”. Three of the songs were recorded during the recording session for the last record. The forth one is a cover song by Slime. All songs were recorded at the “Demolition Room” in Kiel, Germany. A full hand of labels is involved in the release this time: toanol records, Janml Records/Maja von Lobeck, Frontcore Records, Network of Friends und Break the Silence Records. The EP will be available from spring 2016.


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HAERDSMAELTA [Uppsala //Haerdrock]



Brand new Swedish band formed on new years eve, december the 31st, 2014. HAERDSMAELTA consists of members from established Uppsala metal and punk-projects. The band is inspired by having the wrong things at the wrong places. The sound has influences from a number of different genres, such as punk, rock, industrial metal, and kraut. The band itself uses one word to sum it up, HAERDROCK.

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Copout [Tel Aviv-Jaffa // Punk]


Copout is a punk band from Tel Aviv-Yafo.

Copout was founded in in the end of 2014 by Omer Kimhi (Bass), Uri Hertzwolf (Guitar) and Nir Schlezinger (Drums) after the band “Fourfuznies”, they were all members in, broke. The three punk rockers that used to play pop punk, wanted to do somthing faster and louder- and so Copout was founded. Copout started playing through 2015 and after a while the guys decided to record one song for a compilation that was suppose to come out (and never did). Read more ›

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Gum Bleed [Beijing // Punk]


Gum Bleed / 牙龈出血was formed in the summer of 2006. With their energetic live performances and their intelligent lyrics combined with fast and catchy music, they had quickly become famous in the Chinese punk rock scene and are now ready to increase their status in the rest of the world.

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Makina [Kiel // Punko Turko]


Makina campaigns for freedom and human rights with their songs in Turkish and English. The bandcollective with a rotating cast consisting of Kiel, formerly Flensburg, Hamburg, Nuremberg, Istanbul and Tel Aviv musicians, played several club gigs and festivals in northern Germany since 2012. They Realeased their debut album “Demokrasi“ in 2013.

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Questions [São Paulo // Hardcore]


Questions is a hardcore band from São Paulo, Brazil. They are one of the best and most famous hardcore bands from South America. Founded in 2000, Questions became an expression for
energetic old school hardcore in a very short period of time. Questions shared stage with bands like Sepultura, Agnostic Front, Sick of it All, Madball, H2O, Shelter, Caliban, Terror, Born From Pain, Most Precious Blood, Tackleberry, Ratos de Porão, Cavalera Conspiracy and My Turn.

2015 Questions released their Album “Pushed Out … of Society” in Europe on toanol records.


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upcoming toanol-releases


Friends and Fans!
Following a short list of the upcoming toanol-releases:

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Gum Bleed . 牙龈出血 (CHN-Beijing) European Tour 2016

15.04.2016 (D) ERFURT (TBA)
22.04.2016 (D) FRANKFURT/M. @ AU
23.04.2016 (D) KIEL @ Alte Meierei
28.04.2016 (D) LEIPZIG (TBA)
29.04.2016 (D) BERLIN
30.04.2016 (D) EBERSWALDE
01.05.2016 (D) DRESDEN (TBA)
02.05.2016 (CZ) NACHÓD
03.05.2016 (CZ) OSTRAVA
04.05.2016 (CZ) PRAGUE
06.05.2016 (I) MERANO (Trento) (TBA)
07.05.2016 (I) MILANO (venue > TBA)
11.05.2016 (F) RENNES (TBA)
12.05.2016 (F) TOULOUSE (TBA)
13.05.2016 (ESP) (TBA)
14.05.2016 (F) USTARTITZ (TBA)
20.05.2016 (BE) LIÈGE @ Anna Bar (TBA)
21.05.2016 (D) ULM @ Beteigeuze (TBA)

ALL INFO’s @ http://schoelcke.org/gumbleed

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toanol-diary #1

Hardcore Help Foundation Summer Fest [Halver] 11.07.2015


After some time of preparation, the first show of the European/Russian summer tour by Questions took place at the summer fest of the Hardcore Help Foundation, which supports and realizes several projects all over the world. They point out that hardcore (and music in general) is more than partying.

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Questions – European/Russian Tour 2015




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